What Employees Want In A Modern Office Design

As we’re starting to see employees filter back into offices around the world, it’s becoming apparent that their demands for the workplace are changing.

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Just like everything, times are shifting and employees want to work in a place that’s dynamic, inspiring, and fun. To make an office interesting for new recruits, as well as ensure current employees stay motivated as well, check out these tips for a modern office design.

 Keep things open

 Gone are the days of little cubicles and walls to keep everyone separated. Employees want to see each other, especially in different departments, to encourage communication and collaboration.

An open-plan layout makes better use of the space and cultivates a more encouraging and harmonious work environment. While there’s still a need to talk with colleagues via chat software or email, it’s refreshing to be able to walk up to an employee and hash out a solution to a problem straight away.

Of course, open layouts can be slightly louder, but if a team needs to converse more often, then there are always private meeting rooms to book, so that no one is disturbed by constant chatter. Many people work with headphones on anyway these days, so it’s usually not an issue with noise.

 Anything to boost the mood

 Modern offices needn’t be dreary, dull places that no one looks forward to seeing. Every desk should feature some greenery to help cleanse the air and look beautiful. Plus, interesting artwork and photographs help add some talking points and encourage thinking, which is all you want in an office!

It’s never a bad idea to allow pets in the office, as this helps employees maintain a good work-life balance.

Bathrooms with stylish basin taps that have infrared technology for extra cleanliness will look great and last a long time. Contemporary kitchen lighting with cosy tiling also makes a zone for people to come together and connect. Even a gaming area with a pool table, video games, dart board, etc., will all help to keep employees relaxed during their breaks or after work.

Bring in the light

 If nothing else, employees simply want a workspace that is brightly lit and has good ventilation. It’s horrible to work in a place that’s dark, dingy, and hard to breathe in… how can anyone be productive?

When possible, natural lighting from windows helps create an inviting workplace that employees are happy to stay in and can see the outside world. Overhead lights are harsh on the eyes and is also costly, so use natural lighting and ensure that windows can be easily opened to allow fresh air to enter.

 Build a creative zone

 Is an office just desks and computers or can it be so much more? An office is a place to work, but this isn’t always typing on a PC. Companies need to introduce creative zones that allow employees to brainstorm ideas for new projects, clear their heads for a few minutes between work, or simply have a chance to recharge.

As many employees use laptops to work, it’s also an area to allow staff to sit on couches, beanbags, armchairs, etc., so that employees can mix up their day in different areas to increase productivity. After all, variety is the spice of life!

 Of course, not many companies have the space to have creative zones the size of Google, Apple, Tesla, and so on, but just do what you can with the area you have in the office. Employees will appreciate it!

 The option to sit or stand

Similarly to the point above, it is becoming commonplace to give people the chance to work the way they choose. Allowing remote work is beneficial, but also letting them stand up is really helpful when they’re in the office. Desks that can be moved up at the press of a button allow employees stand for a few hours and avoid back pain!

 What’s more, giving employees the chance to stand up for a short time ensures that they’re mixing up the day and not feeling like they’re stuck in one position. Anything that lets workers be creative in their style is advantageous. Naturally, good-quality chairs that are comfortable and supportive are a must-have. Furniture is never something that should be stingy!






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