Valentine’s Slime

By Laura, Oxfordshire Mum of 2

valentines day craft, red slime recipe

It’s an early morning here today! Luckily, I’d made this last night, so my munchkin could play whilst I got the baby ready for the day.

I used this Slime recipe  which always seems to work! I add glitter to keep to the theme.

She loves it. “Thick oozy mud, sticky slimy, gooey, sparkly” just a few of the words she used to describe it in the first few seconds of having it!

The joy of this is that although it’s slimy and gooey, it isn’t messy. We played with this on the sofa on a tray. It needs supervising as it’s not edible with the contact solution but still lots of fun.

I know lots of older children who love it too!

Looking for more slime recipes?  Check out these recipes for Slime Putty and Stretchy Slime.

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