Tutoring Options | Where to Find Extra Support for Students Preparing for Exams

With the response to the Coronavirus having led schools in many countries to close, some students preparing for GCSEs and A Levels in England are worrying about how this will affect them.  If schools close, there will be less time to learn and revise in the classroom on top of the usual exam stress and how to deal with it.  Private tutoring is one option to get that extra support.

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The most obvious benefit of tutoring is that it is tailored to the student.  After an initial assessment, the tutor can support individuals in the specific areas they need extra help.

Tutor Centres

Until the government advise otherwise, many tutor centres are remaining open.  Unlike schools, they’re smaller and more controlled environments.  Easier to implement hand washing and more frequent deep cleans, these centres are likely to see a rise in students looking for extra support.  Some tutor centres specialise in a particular subject, while others cover a variety of subjects with expert teachers.

Here are some local tutor centres

Bright Young Things educationalist experts provide core Maths and English tuition for all abilities and ages ranging from 5 to 16, and specialised Bucks 11 plus exam preparation. They have a number of different centres including venues in High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Chesham and Harrow.

Kip McGrath Aylesbury are specialists in English and Maths tutoring in Aylesbury.  The education centre complements the work being done in schools so that students can find success there too.

At Mathnasium Learning Centre in North Oxford, they make maths make sense! Our experienced maths tutors utilise our proprietary teaching materials and techniques, The Mathnasium Method™, to deliver a customised learning plan designed to address each student’s needs.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has seen a huge upsurge globally in the last few weeks.  The Education Hotel have a helpful blog post about online tutoring and advise “If you’re a parent of a child who is worried about coronavirus affecting their studies, it may be worth having a conversation with them about online tuition now, rather than only when it becomes necessary. The modern generation of school students, with 24-hour access to the news, are understandably more prone to stress and anxiety than previous generations were, even in normal times – and the fear of a global pandemic is only exacerbating their already-high stress levels.

Letting your child know that they will be able to continue their studies uninterrupted from home can help to relieve one source of anxiety that they may be feeling around the coronavirus outbreak. What’s more, you and they can use that conversation to plan ahead, for instance considering which books and materials they might need to have at home in order to minimise disruption to their study schedule.”

Online Tutors

The Education Hotel 

Utilising Skype, Zoom, WeChat or Facetime, online tuition has the advantage of one-to-one tuition from the comfort of home.  Removing the need to travel allows for greater flexibility and convenience while at the same time connecting with an expert tutor.  Creative methods of learning include online whiteboards, videos and games.  You can even record the lessons and save for later revision.

The Little Maths Room

Winner of the Red Kite Days Awards 2018 in the tutors category, The Little Maths Room has a great reputation. They have just announced that they are moving to online tutoring.

One 2 One Tutors

Covering all Key Stages, SATs, GCSEs, Entrance Exams and ESL. Subjects they cover are English, Maths and English as a second language.  If schools do close, they will be moving to online tutoring.

Find out ideas including free resources and homeschooling activity ideas to support your child’s learning from home.

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