Tringham Hall Playground

We decided to head out and get some much needed fresh air, a crisp cold morning but perfect for a play in the park. Although Tringham Hall playground is very local to us we haven’t actually been to this park before.

tringham hall playground, tringham hall play park,
In a great location with a large free car park just outside we found the perfect place to spend the morning. Also there is a large playing field so if you have a four legged friend then bring them along for a walk too (although of course they aren’t allowed in the park itself).

Safely enclosed by a fence the little ones are safe to explore at their own leisure. It is actually split into two where you have a smaller children section and then an older children section too. Inside there is the usual toddler swings, a seasaw, small climbing frame with slide, balancing beams, hopscotch, and interactive sound devices.

tringham hall playground, tringham hall play park,

For the older children they have their own set of swings, and also a huge wooden climbing structure aswell. This has lots of different ways to explore from ladders, steps and a cargo rope ladder, they also have a huge slide too.

tringham hall playground, tringham hall play park,

Outside of the park on the grass field there is a zip line, which although Noah and Isabella are a tad too small, they still enjoyed sitting on it and making me run up and down the course instead.

tringham hall skate park, surrey skate park

There is also an assortment of swings for older children to enjoy, one of which looks like a racing car seat suspended on a spinning frame – looked very interesting. There is also a skate park with lots of various sized ramps and slides for the children / teens to enjoy. I didn’t know this was here so didn’t have the kids scooters with me, but they still had lots of fun running up and down them, and using them as slides.

tringham hall playground, tringham hall play park,

Also on a warmer day if you wanted to bring a picnic then there are various benches and seats just outside the park where you could sit and easily watch the children playing and enjoying themselves.

tringham hall playground, tringham hall play park,


Business Name: Tringham Hall Playground

Address: Benner Lane, West End, Surrey, GU24 9JP

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