Three Little Pigs Puppet Show

Putting on a puppet show is always a fun way to spend a rainy day. You can stretch the activity all day by creating the puppets, making posters, selling pretend tickets and even making popcorn. We chose ‘The Three Little Pigs’ for our puppet show as it’s a simple story and the characters and set are fun to make.

Three little pigs puppet show

You will need:

  • Shoe boxes (to make the houses)
  • Decoration items for the houses – we used straw, lolly sticks and coloured corrugated card
  • Jumbo lolly sticks
  • Card
  • Pens
  • Small table and piece of material to drape around it

Putting on the show:

  • Stand a shoe box on its side to make a house for each pig.
  • Cut a window out in each house.
  • Add coloured paper to make a door, roof etc.
  • We decorated the pigs’ houses by gluing on straw, gluing on lolly sticks and gluing on rectangles of coloured corrugated card to make bricks.
  • Make puppets by drawing three pigs and a wolf onto card.
  • Cut out the characters and tape a jumbo lolly stick to the back.
  • Drape a cloth around a table (fix with tape) to make the theatre – the children can crouch down behind to table to avoid being seen and act out the story with the puppets above.


Have fun!

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