The Mummas Village Sensory Song & Stretch | Horsham

A progressive course, The Mummas Village Sensory Song & Stretch is fun and lively. It incorporates gentle yoga stretches and movements for your baby accompanied by lots of songs and sensory play with social time for parents too!

Our class has been specially designed for your little one with age appropriate content targeted to support their specific stage of development including moves and exercises to help Increase their strength, coordination, balance and spatial awareness. All crucial whilst they are learning how to crawl & walk.

Our sensory play elements include the absolute favourite “what’s in the box” puppets, bubbles, parachutes, twinkly lights and a whole host of other props for them to use in structured play to stimulate all of their senses.

Each week we have a different theme with a 12 week programme so you can do 2 terms of each level without repetition.

Stage 1 is aimed at babies who are not yet sitting and who are happy to lie on their backs for a short while.

Stage 2 is aimed at babies who can sit up and are no longer happy to lie down, crawling babies are welcome.



Business Name: The Mummas Village

Address: The Shelley Arms, 16- 18 Old Guildford Road, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, RH12 3JU

Opening Times:

10:00am Sensory Song & Stretch Stage 2
11:15am Sensory Song & Stretch Stage 1


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