The Mummas Village Me & My Newborn Class | Cranleigh

At The Mummas Village we pride ourselves on offering age appropriate baby classes. Newborn babies don’t need baby classes, but mums do! For that reason this course is designed for you more than your baby and is perfectly suited to the early weeks of motherhood.

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The course will provide you with knowledge, support and confidence together with giving you the opportunity to share experiences with other new mums and their babies.

We know that babies under 3 months just want to sleep, feed and cuddle. We also know that in those first few overwhelming weeks and months, you need support and reassurance that you are doing a good job, together with wanting to meet others at the same stage of motherhood and build that all important village around you.

This class is the perfect place for all of that; giving you a postnatal survival toolkit to help you navigate those early months of motherhood with unbiased information on topics such as colic, reflux, baby sleep, postnatal wellbeing, weaning and much more. All delivered in a relaxed, supportive environment and no expectation on your baby to ‘participate’, it really is the perfect class for new mums whether it’s your first or fifth baby.



Business Name: The Mummas Village

Address: St Nics Church Rooms, Church Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8AE

Opening Times:

Wedneday - 1:30 pm


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