Story Stones

kids craft story stones
Do you ever come home from days out with pockets full of pebbles and wonder what to do with these ‘treasures’? Here’s an idea for a creative story stones activity.  First decorate each stones with a different picture.  Then put the decorated pebbles into a bag. Take turns to pick out 5 different pebbles and then use your imagination to make up a story featuring these 5 items.

You will need:

  • Stones with one fairly flat edge
  • Magazines
  • PVA glue or modge podge
  • Bag

How to make story stones:

  • Cut small pictures out of magazines.  The pictures should be small enough to fit onto the stones.  Look for different types of pictures to give lots of options for your story.
  • Glue the picture onto the stone with PVA glue or modge podge.  Allow to dry then brush another layer of glue over the picture and stone to seal it (the glue will dry clear).
  • Pop the decorated stones into the bag.  Take turns to pick out 5 stones and use your imagination to create a story featuring the images on your stones.

kids craft story stones

kids craft story stones

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