How to Prepare for an Outdoor Walk with Kids

There are some great activities to do on a walk with kids but if you have wet, cold and hungry kids it’s hard to turn things around.   Being prepared as the Scouts say, makes all the difference.

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Dress Your Kids for the Weather

I always go for layers when I dress my kids.  Even a warm day can turn cooler towards the end.  Hot sunny days are easier as you just need shorts and a t-shirt with something lightweight to slip on if the temperature dips.  However, don’t forget the sunscreen, a wide brim sunhat for kids and children’s sunglasses.

On cold days, dressing kids in layers for the outdoors really comes into it’s own.  Start with a base layer, add a middle layer and finally finish with an outer layer.  The outer layer is really important as it needs to be waterproof to protect inner clothes from wet and wind but also breathable for active kids who love to run around.

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My youngest wears an all in one fleece lined waterproof puddle suit which is absolutely fantastic.  It means we can be out for ages and he can jump in muddy puddles to his heart’s content.

Don’t forget the feet.  Thick socks and wellies for cold wet days, comfortable trainers for dry days and if your kids are really adventurous you could invest in some children’s walking boots.  My eldest has a good pair of kids walking boots from Decathlon which were great value.

Bring a Plastic Bag

It’s almost inevitable that if you have kids and they’re having fun then they’re going to get mucky.  A muddy puddle is incredibly fun to jump in.  Keep a plastic bag or box in the back of your car so you can strip off dirty outer layers and wellies to transport back home.

Snacks & Refreshments for a Family Walk

A little motivating snack on a family walk always works a treat.  On cold days, you could bring a flask of hot chocolate.  For hot days, keep refreshed with an icy cold drink.  You could freeze a bottle of water the night before so it keeps cool as it melts through the day, or just add some ice cubes.  Some water bottles are also available with a freezer block style attachment that slots into the lid and down in the drink.

Snacks that are easy to hand out and eat are ideal.  Bananas are great as they come in their own handy wrapper.  It takes bananas at least 2 years to biodegrade so you should never dispose on a walk, bring them home instead.

If you’re looking for some great family walks, check out our outdoor places to explore with kids on Red Kite Days.   You can pop in your postcode and search for what nearby.

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