Postnatal Group Workshop with Positive Personal Training

Expecting or recently had a baby? Keen to get back into exercise or start your fitness journey or just to feel stronger for mum life?

I can help!

My workshop will set firm foundations for your gradual and safe return to exercise, providing you with the knowledge and support to progress your post partum fitness and or just feel stronger!

It’s a small friendly group of 3 mums and babies

postnatal exercise class Spencers Wood, postnatal exercise class Reading

Over the 6 session we will cover.

Techniques to reconnect with your pelvic floor and core.  Your body has been through a lot!  Sessions have a specific emphasises on re-connecting the deeper core to rebuild your core strength. Learning to reconnect and strengthen you core will form a solid base for all activities and your day to day life as a busy mum. As well as tightening your mid-section and minimising the ‘mum tum’

Improve posture and balance. Your posture and balance can be heavily compromised during pregnancy and postpartum. We’ll work on improving your alignment.

Total body strengthening and flexibility. Muscles can become underactive during pregnancy. We’ll give them a kickstart and get you feeling stronger, moving more freely, more comfortably and energised!

We’ll work on functional strength and conditioning exercises, concentrating on technique and form, providing you with tips on how you can move BETTER to make you mum tasks such as picking up your baby and carrying the car seat easier.

‍Full Post Natal Workouts – These will be tailored to you with appropriate modifications should you have Diastasis Recti and/or prolapse.   You will also be provided with printed workouts, as well as full length videos you can join in with at home.

Guidance – Support and guidance on how to progress your fitness once the course is complete.


Business Name: Positive Personal Training

Address: Workshop takes place in Spencers Wood, Reading at the home of the trainer

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