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Playball parties can be tailored for your child’s fantasies: whether they wish to fly like a superhero, enter the enchanting world of Disney characters or have the most awesome sport themed birthday; Playball will present games and adventures that will make your party a roaring success.

Let the Playball coaches take over whilst you and the other parents relax, safe in the knowledge that we will have everything under control.  Our staff will bring the energy and deliver Playball’s best sporty skills and games to the children as well as a short treasure hunt at the end.  Please note that we only provide entertainment and will come to the venue of your choice.

We always ensure that we provide games that are not only extremely fun but also very easy to join in with so that no one feels left out and everyone has a fantastic experience on your child’s special day.


  • Super energised coaches for 1 hour who will come to a venue of your choice
  • All sporting equipment (and music where appropriate)
  • We set everything up and meet and greet children on arrival.
  • A STRESS FREE PARTY – and we’ll hand you back tired, exhausted and happy children!


  • All equipment will be sterilised before and after the party
  • All children will have hands sanitised before and after the party
  • If requested, we are able to take all children’s temperatures upon arrival with a contactless thermometer


  • up to 15 children – £150
  • between 16 – 25 children – £175
  • between 26 – 35 children – £200
  • between 36 – 45 children – £225

*payment can be made in 3 monthly instalments upon request

More details can be found on the Playball website or email us on”




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