Pinch Pots

Pinch pots are the easiest pots you can make with air drying clay.  No potters wheel required!  It’s a great activity for young kids and perfect for supporting fine motor skill development.  They’re great as homemade presents for Father’s Day or for grandparents.

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Things You Will Need:

  • Air drying clay
  • Paint (acrylic paint works well)
  • A little white glue if you want to give them a varnished look

How to Make Pinch Pots:

  • Roll some air drying clay into a ball.  The larger the ball the bigger the pot (and the drying time).
  • Hold the ball in both hands, with your fingers at the bottom and your thumbs at the top.
  • Push your thumbs into the ball of clay and squeeze out to the sides.  This starts to form the centre of your pot.
  • Keep squeezing and pinching all around the sides until the pot has formed.
  • Leave to fully dry.  This be anything from overnight for a small pot or several days for something larger.
  • Once fully dry you can paint the pots and if you want a more varnished look, wait for the paint to dry and then brush on some white school glue.


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