The perfect fathers day gift – aftershave

Is your other half celebrating a summer birthday or are you planning ahead for Father’s Day? Are you celebrating a special occasion together or do you just want to surprise him with an ‘I love you’ gift? What better than a stylish new bottle of aftershave?

 The perfect summer aftershaves are light, fresh, citrusy and fruity and are ideal for warm, sunny days. A fresh, clean fragrance is perfect for the office, time on the golf course or squash court and of course a romantic evening for two! There are some great new aftershaves on the market and they all make a very acceptable gift that can be enjoyed every day.

 To ensure that your chosen new fragrance continues to smell great, suggest that he keeps the bottle in its original box and somewhere cool and dark like a wardrobe – bathrooms are far from ideal and standing the bottle in sunlight will quickly make its precious contents evaporate!

 So, why not plan a shopping trip with plenty of time to enjoy choosing a lovely new aftershave that your partner can wear as his new signature fragrance over the next few months or enjoy wearing when the fragrance suits his mood perfectly?

There are so many exciting male fragrances on the market at the moment:

 Givency Gentleman

This is a really classic fragrance for men and is very distinctive. Its main ingredients are spicy cinnamon and tarragon.

 Tom Ford Noir

This aftershave is definitely popular and alluring. It is an appealing warm fragrance that includes pink pepper and bergamot.

 Santal 33 by Le Labo

This unisex fragrance has attained cult status as it is so popular! It has been created by the New York perfume house and its aroma is instantly recognisable! This aftershave incorporates the smell of leather and musk with cardamom, iris, violet and sandalwood. Many fans have likened it to comfort food – always familiar and reassuring.

  Dior Sauvage

This popular aftershave bears the name of the popular 1960s aftershave Eau Sauvage that became almost legendary. Dior has created a lovely new clean, fresh fragrance with the distinctive citrus scent of mandarin blended with the sweetness of tonka bean and sandalwood. Sauvage is presented in a distinctive cylindrical black bottle with silver lettering. The big bonus is that this is the perfect aftershave for his sports bags as the bottle is unbreakable.

 Aventus Creed.

Aventus Creed has been a popular aftershave for ten years now. Created by sixth generation top perfumer, Oliver Creed with his son. The aftershave’s name ‘Aventus’ means ‘the wind’ and conjures up images of  warriors on horseback The top notes include the scents of orange and pineapple, with middle notes of cyclamen and neroli, with patchouli and musk in the base notes that ensure this aftershave is memorable. From the same stable is Creed Virgin Island Water which is a lighter smelling aftershave that is best described as a ‘tropical island holiday in a bottle’!

Comme des Garçons Concrete

This aftershave is presented in a curved pale grey bottle that looks remarkably like a piece of concrete! This lovely aftershave is well on its way to becoming a cult fragrance. Light and distinctive, the aftershave includes the scents of roses, cloves, juniper and cumin and the result is a gorgeous and memorable fragrance.

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