Parkhill Recreation Ground (Benmead Road Park)

playpark, kidlington, benmead road, parkhill

Officially called Parkhill Recreation Ground, my kids have always referred to this little park in Kidlington as Benmead Road park.  There are several entrances to the park but we always use the one off Benmead Road.

The children’s play area is quite small, but ideal for a quick run around with large and baby swings, a roundabout, climbing frame and a couple of slides.

The surrounding park is good for a kick around of a football and also has a basketball court.  Towards the edges is a good wooded area where you can search for sticks and clamber over fallen logs.  This is often as fun for my kids as the playpark itself.

kidlington, playpark, benmead road, roundabout


Business Name: Parkhill Recreation Ground

Address: 31 Benmead Road, Kidlington, OX5 2DA

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