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One-2-One Tutors are a tutoring service that is owned and lead by fully qualified teachers in the West Oxfordshire Area since 2015. We focus on building student’s confidence and self-esteem; reassuring them that it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes and how to overcome them and generating enjoyment within their subjects again. We believe every child can blossom; it’s all about the right support, encouragement and understanding from our expert tutors.

Initially, we provide an informal Maths or/and English assessments before we commence tutoring sessions with your child. The initial informal assessments help us to determine what the child knows in their subject matter and what they find challenging. One 2 One Tutors then focuses on their challenges to build the child’s knowledge and understanding through our effective learning methods and using the learning styles that best suits their needs. One-2-One Tutors provide a tailored approach to learning, through creating a study plan for each individual student to ensure it meets their needs and goals.

One 2 One Tutors have experience and knowledge in working with students who have Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Asperger’s and Autism. We provide a multi-sensory learning programme for their needs.

One 2 One Tutors cover all Key Stages, SATs, GCSEs, Entrance Exams and ESL. Subjects we cover are English, Maths and English as a second language.


Next year, we will be providing parental guidance sessions in preparation for their child’s SATS and GCSEs. Keep an eye out on our website and facebook page.



Business Name: One-2-One Tutors

Address: Cover West Oxfordshire

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