Ludgershall Play Area

Once just scrub land owned by the Lorde of the Manor Ludgershall, this area was bought by the village in 1974 and is now part of the village green.

The Ludgershall playground has had several re-vamps over the years and provides a wonderful place to play both for kids and for grown ups with adult exercise equipment too.

Set on a large grazzy field, the playground equipment is in really good condition with lots of variety.  Cross the wobbly bridge, reach new heights on the climbing frame or have a good old swing.

There’s a really sweet area for younger kids with the train and tunnels perfect for some imaginative play, as well as a little climbing area too.

For the bigger kids, there’s a great climbing frame with vibrant red twisty slide.

Lots of green space is ideal for a good run around.  The park is not fenced and there is a road that runs alongside the village green but it’s a quiet village and the play area is set at the furthest end of the green away from the road.

Parking is on the road and there are no toilet facilities.


I can’t find an address and postcode for the Ludgershall playground / village green.  It’s a small village and on the main road that runs through it.  I was litterally driving through and spotted it.




Business Name: Ludgershall Play Area

Address: Ludgershall Village Green, Buckinghamshire

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