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It’s amazing how many walks you can find right upon your doorstep, and it’s remarkable how much ground you can cover without any moans or groans when you package it as an ‘adventure’! Our children love seeing where public footpaths that appear a little overgrown lead; it all adds to the idea of them being intrepid explorers rather than just out for a stroll. We’ve recently discovered green spaces, farms and cycle paths we previously didn’t know existed.

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Here are just a few suggestions that might get your children out walking more often, especially as many end up at the Park!

Pathways ending at South Park

Longsight Lane Farm, Cheadle Hulme SK8 6PW

Having driven past the ‘Don’t feed the animals’ signs every day on my commute to work, it had never registered that there might actually be animals located in the field behind the hedges! Imagine our surprise when we ventured down Longsight Lane to find a herd of beautiful beige cows at Beech Farm. All the cows have a name tag beginning with P…’Prosecco’ being my favourite, along with Porsche, Pansy and Piper! I’m only guessing but I would imagine at some point the herd may all have names beginning with Q!

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The farmer has several fields where he keeps sheep and a couple of rams! Once at the Farm, you can either take a right onto a path which takes you over the A34 and onto a purpose built cycle path which is really safe for a family bike ride or a left over the fields and a couple of styles (a particular highlight for my 3 and 5 year old) into South Park. It’s a bike and scooter friendly route if you choose to turn right at the farm.

Spath Lane East, Cheadle Hulme SK8 7NL

If horses are your thing then venture down Spath Lane off Acre Lane where a few horses can be found grazing. There’s a ‘secret’ passage there which joins onto the cycle path over the A34, or you can drop back round to the farm.

Both walks are ideal for little legs and can both end with a trip to South Park without spending too much time on main roads. Be warned though, they are somewhat overgrown and require Mums and Dad’s to be vigilant for nettles. This route is bike and scooter friendly on the whole.

Grove Lane, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 7NP

This seemingly over grown footpath can be found down the side of the Old Sunday School building opposite the entrance to Pingate Lane. It’s not the most salubrious of path ways to begin with but it opens out onto the Rugby Club and again ends in South Park. It can be quite muddy if it’s been raining heavily so wellington boots are recommended!

Pathways ending at Bramhall Park 


Robins Lane, Bramhall, SK7 2PE

Just as you’ve walked under the railway bridge having turned off Ack Lane onto Robins Lane, there’s a passageway which takes you all the way to Bramhall Park, alongside Bluebell Woods. It’s traffic free bar crossing over Carrwood Road at about the halfway point, so it’s scooter and bike friendly, even for new riders.

Public Pathway through Bramhall Golf Club via Thornway, Bramhall, SK7 2AQ

This hidden pathway nestled between 2 houses, takes you under the railway bridge and into Bramhall Golf Course with its beautifully manicured fairways and well-stocked flower beds, it’s a real treat to wander through, especially early in the morning or later on in the evening. Walkers must stick to the pathway and listen out for anyone shouting ‘Fore’ to avoid any low flying golf balls! The pathway brings you out onto Carrwood Road, if you cross over it can be picked up again directly opposite, and ends in Bramhall Park.  Or, you could loop round and head back down the pathway above which can be found by taking a right turn, a great running route too.

Pathways ending in Bruntwood Park


From Bradshaw Hall Primary School to Bruntwood Park

From Bradshaw Hall walk north east on Vernon Close towards Turves Road. Turn left onto Turves road, then right onto Bruntwood Lane. Continue straight down Bruntwood lane – you will see a footpath directly ahead of you and simply continue straight until you come to the car park of Bruntwood Park. This is a great dog walking route as there are fields surrounding the footpath.  The footpath is quite uneven but is fine for pushchairs and bikes.

Cycle route from Cheadle to Manchester

Start on Mill Lane, Cheadle SK8 2PX before following the cycle path along Manchester Road. Turn onto the riverside path at the Mersey, going past Parrs Wood High School. From there turn left, which takes you to East Didsbury tram stop, then through into Didsbury. From there pick up the route along Wilmslow Road through Withington and Rusholme onto Oxford Street, eventually ending up at Manchester Library.

Thanks for these great tips from local Mum Claire Parker

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