Little Music School, Headington

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The Little Music School runs fun music classes for little people. and their grown-ups (babies and pre-schoolers).  Parents be warned: there will be lots of jumping, bouncing, moving, grooving and playing in these classes!

Come sing, move to music and make some noise!

Dates & Location

Tuesdays, Headington Community Centre, 39 Gladstone Road, OX3 8LL.  They also run a class on Thursdays at the Ark T Centre.

Family Class (under 5’s) 10-10.30am

Come sing, move to music and make some noise! Lots of fun action songs, dancing to the beat, and exploring rhythm with percussion instruments.  No musical experience required – but you may need to get down and hop like a frog!

Baby Class 11-11.30am

Birth to walking or crawling a lot!  (FREE for under 2 months) 
 Babies love gentle bouncing and rocking, exploring instrumental sounds, playing peek-a-boo and tickling games, as well as moving to the beat. Come learn to sing a variety of playful and soothing songs to use at home for all times of day. 

They have a different theme every half term but many songs will be repeated during a 6 week block because very young children learn naturally through repetition. It allows them to become familiar with the songs and eventually join in during the class as well as singing at home. It also helps the grown-ups to remember the songs too! 


 (Great value! £3.50  per class)
Autumn & Summer Term (12 weeks)
One child: £38.50
Family:  £44 

Spring Term (11 weeks)
One child:  £35
Family:  £40 

Class Cards 5 sessions
(Valid for 1 year. £3.70  per class)
One Child: £18.50
Family: £21

 (On rare occasions when a class is full you may be refused entry with this option)
One child:  £4
Family with more than one child: £4.50

Babies under 2 months are FREE

Payments by cheque, cash or online, please see their website for more details.


Business Name: Little Music School

Address: Headington Community Centre, 39 Gladstone Road, OX3 8LL

Opening Times:

Family Class 10-10.30
Baby Class 11-11.30am

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