Little Cotton Tents Sleepover Party Review

My son desperately wanted a sleepover party with a few of his closest friends for his 9th birthday party.  I was totally blown away when Clare who runs Little Cotton Tents, offered to set one up for him.  I’ve been following Little Cotton Tents on Facebook and Instagram since they were party provider winners in the Red Kite Days awards in 2018 and finalists in 2019.

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My son really wanted an explorer atmosphere and Clare had just created her latest theme which was Base Camp so it felt a little like it was meant to be.  I told my son the party was on but kept the Little Cotton Tents sleepover party set up as a complete surprise.  In fact, I didn’t tell him at all until Clare rang the doorbell and arrived.

In advance I’d cleared a big space in our lounge.  Clare arrived with absolutely everything that was needed to set up a magical slumber party.  She got to work quickly blowing up the mattresses and discussing layout with my son who wanted to be involved.  In fact, all 3 of my boys couldn’t keep away and Clare was great with them.  While the mattresses look small in photos, in fact they’re actually adult single sized so plenty of room.

Bit by bit, my lounge was completely transformed as all the Little Cotton Tents accessories were added.  Little tents, matching bedding, gorgeous fluffy blankets, individual mini tables, camo, bunting and rugs.  Each bed was strung with little fairy lights which looked so special at night when the lights went down and there were chalk board names tags for each child.

The extra accessories gave an special touch.  Each boy had their own lantern with battery tea light, torch and there was even a cushion log fire to huddle around at night.

I thought my son was excited when it was all set up but you should have seen him once his friends arrived.  They were blown away and the Mums all came in for a look too.

So, I bet the question you’re thinking is …. did they sleep!  We had a great fun evening playing games on my husband’s old playstation, watched a movie and ate pizza.  When it came to sleep, there wasn’t a lot but it was totally worth it for the ‘best birthday party ever’ according to my son.

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The next morning, Clare arrived and packed everything up super quickly which was great for me.  All in all it was super simple, very special and a wonderful treat.  I would absolutely 100% recommend Little Cotton Tents and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it.

Little Cotton Tents have 10 themes so choose from and more coming so whether you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated for tweens, a wizardry feel for Harry Potter fans or something pretty in pink for a pamper party, they pretty much have it all.

Find out more about Little Cotton Tents on their website or read my interview with Clare Barclay.

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