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KGHypnobirthing courses run by Your Midwives are a unique, complete antenatal education package run by an experienced midwife designed to release fear and build confidence. We offer space, time and expertise for you to prepare for a calm and confident start to your journey.

We offer a unique fourth trimester and postnatal session to support the transition to parenthood or an expanding family.

KGHypnobirthing are offering 10% for course bookings, just quote RKD2019 when you make contact.

Hypnobirthing Taster Session

What is a taster session (are you going to hypnotise someone to think they are a chicken)?

No! Hypnosis in the context of KGHypnobirthing is purely a way to access a naturally occurring deep state of relaxation, no clucking required!

Our tasters are an informal and friendly session where there are no silly questions.

We give you lots of useful information including a short relaxation (which is what we all need to start the week!) and a chance to explore how KG Hypnobirthing can benefit you and your family during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. The taster session is around an hour and includes a lovely cuppa and a chance to ask questions.

Hypnobirthing Course

The teaching time is between 10-12 hours in total and is spread out over five 2 hr sessions which are spread over a couple of months. This gives time in between sessions for you to practice, reflect on the information in the course and develop your confidence for a calm and comfortable birthing.

Why don’t you teach this course in one weekend?

If I explained to you in ten minutes how to play the piano or any other acquired skill, you would understand how I did it but you would not be able to do it yourself yet. Practice is key to success in any learned skill, KG Hypnobirthing is no different.  Our course gives you time to learn those vital skills in a relaxed environment. The sessions are spaced out giving you time between sessions to practice, absorb information and this leads to more meaningful class time where questions and fears can be addressed.

The structure of the course also gives those who attend time to get to know each other if they wish. There is the opportunity to create a supportive network of parents who all have babies due around a similar time.

Why KGHypnobirthing?

Because it works!

“Thank you again for all the amazing experiences you have helped us achieve… I wish the entire world knew about this and had the opportunity to follow it” Chris, KGHypnobirthing Dad of twins.

Find out a little more about hypnobirthing from Nina’s guest blog post on Red Kite Days.

KGHypnobirthing are offering 10% for course bookings, just quote RKD2019 when you make contact.


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