JetLearn: Making AI Fun To Learn For Kids

JetLearn is an online AI academy that empowers kids and teens from 6 to 16 years of age to excel in a tech-driven future by teaching them life skills like coding and programming. Headquartered in Amsterdam, JetLearn offers AI, Robotics and Coding education with an award-winning curriculum co-developed with experts from top universities and the tech industry.

JetLearn stands out for its safe and inclusive learning environment. The platform provides personalised attention with a 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring tailored support for each child. This unique approach makes STEM education accessible, engaging, creative and enjoyable for every child. JetLearn follows the 3H learning philosophy in all its courses. In teaching coding, this approach involves fostering critical thinking (Head), cultivating engagement (Heart), and providing opportunities for hands-on coding projects and real-world applications (Hand).

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JetLearn provides 50+ courses, keeping up with tech trends. Every student can explore interests with a personalised learning roadmap. JetLearn recognises modern-day parents’ concerns and thus offers all classes online with the flexibility in setting up a schedule. JetLearn offers holistic skill development through engaging after-school activities, including tailored GCSE computer science tuition, hands-on experience with Micro:bit, exciting coding and robotics programs and much more.

Children at JetLearn are mastering coding and achieving remarkable success, winning Olympiads, Hackathons, and earning coveted college admissions.

JetLearn boasts of expert teachers who empower children to grasp, interact with, and craft AI technologies in an enjoyable, creative, and inspiring manner. All the teachers at JetLearn are Computer Science graduates who undergo a rigorous selection process and are pedagogically trained to teach young learners at their pace.

The tech courses at JetLearn not only impart essential life skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, computational thinking and creativity but also ensure that screen time becomes productive and fun for children.

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