Home, I’m Darling at New Victoria Theatre

BAFTA-winner Jessica Ransom, Diane Keen and Neil McDermott lead the cast in this thought-provoking new comedy by Laura Wade about one woman’s quest to be the perfect 1950s housewife. Performing at the New Victoria Theatre –  Tuesday 21st March – Saturday 25th March.

Every couple needs a little fantasy to keep their marriage sparkling. But behind the gingham curtains, things start to unravel, and being a domestic goddess is not as easy as it seems…

Home, I’m Darling follows married couple Johnny and Judy as they live their happily ever after life of domestic bliss. Johnny and Judy embark on living life as if they are in the 1950s, with a mix of hilarious and poignant consequences. Examining what makes a happy marriage, gender roles, and what equates a well lived life, the play is gentle, yet overt in its messages.

They succinctly explore gender roles, feminism, work-life balance, and what makes life worth living in both the current day and times past. The cast works as an ensemble to communicate with the audience about these themes, and together make for an engaging theatre experience.

The production creates the 1950’s setting down to the very last detail. The marmalade in a glass jar, tea strainer, and 50’s style furniture all adds to the message and story of the play. The set and props create the happy life of Johnny and Judy that is the focus of the play.

The way the play unfolds is part of its joy, so I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say that the cracks begin to show in Judy and Johnny’s gingham paradise as early as the second scene, when friend Fran comes to visit, armed with gossip and doubts to sow.

Home, I’m Darling is a great insight into the 1950’s dream, but with a healthy dose of reality on the side! It’s well worth a watch! The scene changes and dancing were amazing to watch, and I loved the play’s soundtrack. My foot was tapping at several points, despite being an 80’s kid myself!

One of the underlying themes of Wade’s play is the mantra that you never really know how someone is with other people, you never really know what they do when you’re not there. It’s a theme which introduces doubt, fear and faltering confidence into the piece, and certainly makes the audience think this way too.

It was great to be back at New Victoria Woking for this show, and as always I have a fabulous time. I love this venue and the consistent warm welcome the whole team gives.


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Address: The Peacocks Centre, Woking, GU21 6GQ

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