How to Help Your Child With Preparing for University

Stepping into university is challenging for both children and parents alike. As children pivot into a greater education arena where they explore their subjects of interest and make a career of it, it is extremely crucial to help them set foot into the right university that helps them enhance their skills and attain the knowledge required to excel in the professional world.

Here is a list of points to essentially follow as you help your child select their career path and to choose a suitable college.

Set potential goals 

The first and ideally most essential step is to open a dialogue with them with an aim to understand their goals, areas of interest and a probable career choice to begin with. Factor in their performance, grades and ranks to ascertain a league of universities that are best suited for their growth in the future. It is crucial to remain open to ideas they put forward, and as parents, you can walk them in the right direction to attain confidence and conviction in their dreams.

Introduce study organizations apps to your child, and allow them a chance to explore and time their study period as they gear up for competitive examinations to get grades for admission to their desired university.

Keep a regular check on deadlines

College applications, essays and projects are crucial to deciding the admission to a university of choice, and as advised, one must keep multiple options ahead of them. Help your child plan the applications in a way that they do not miss deadlines, and lose on an opportunity for admission.

A great way to do this is by maintaining a calendar and schedule with regular reminders. Let the child take responsibility for filing in these calendars and owning up to the assignments as you guide them from a distance.

Use outside help 

Whether or not this is your first time guiding your child to select universities, you may still come across hurdles and challenges while you help your child with the university application and admission process. This is where you must take external and professional help for seamless applications, writing essays, and submitting essential documents within the deadlines. Help them sign up for professional essay writing help from Studyclerk to make the work for your kids easy, especially when they are a few steps away from starting university.

Speak to career counselors and teachers to identify the strength areas and the probable courses your child could select to maximize on their current interest subject areas or professional goals.

Make a financial plan 

 A crucial step in planning further education is to discuss the probable financial expenditure and how you plan to cover them. Discuss the expenses and plan with your child on options like student loans and how they plan to repay it. Encourage them to research the various expense heads and divide them accordingly.

In this process, your child can select universities that fit along the budget and will be easy to cover. This helps them see the real picture and understand the cost and benefits attached to university education.

Introduce implications of university life

Things transition by a great deal and bring about major changes as a student steps into the university after school. It is during these few years where they taste the reality of life, make decisions and embark on a career journey.

Hence, as a parent, it is important to talk to them about these changes to familiarize them ahead of time. This comes in as great emotional help when they are on-ground and away from home, spending time studying and completing assignments.

Inculcate healthy living habits 

 Start by inculcating healthy habits a few months ahead of their moving to university as this will help them settle down and adjust to a new environment. As they live individually, help them attain habits like healthy eating, cooking, doing laundry and maintaining schedules.

As they start college, they would need to do all these chores as they study and prepare for examinations. This time that bridges the gap from starting college, use it wisely to prepare them mentally and emotionally for college life and its own ups and downs.


Remember that university applications and selection is a personal journey and every child will take their own time and course to identify and make the right choices for their career. Be a support and a guide to give them the required faith and confidence in themselves and their career choices. With the support of guides and professionals, you can help them be on the right path and excel in any choice they make.

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