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Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Santa Street Sleigh Visits 2020

5 December, 2020 - 20 December, 2020

Unless we suffer a total lockdown Santa WILL be out and about on his annual Village Tour but he will be in his imaginary bubble with everyone staying safe.  Social distancing is his watchword.

Santa’s Elves have been very busy lately. Not only have they been preparing the Float to take Santa on his annual tour but they have also been checking out the routes around the villages.

Santa will begin his Tour in his sleigh on Saturday 5th December, on Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club’s Float, and will then be out and about for 16 nights in Bramhall, Woodford and Cheadle Hulme inviting the children to post a letter saying what they would REALLY like for Christmas. Once again he will be visiting the Woodford Garden Village to see the boys and girls there.

The Christmas Float is a well known fund raiser which has been in existence for over forty years raising thousands of pounds for many deserving causes in that time. This year sixteen local organisations and charities will be visiting most of the streets in the area with Santa and helping him with the collection.

Please encourage your young ones to write a letter to Santa so that when you hear or see the Float they can pop it into his postbox.

No leaflets this year but local social media sites will carry details of the night when he will be coming to your street to pick up your Christmas wish list and bring you some early Christmas goodies.

Don’t forget to track him with the SantaTracker at www.bwrotary.org , with daily information on the Facebook page (Bramhall and Woodford Rotary).

Click here to find your road (in alphabetical order) and then click on your date to see the route map

Abbotsleigh Drive Monday 14th December
Abingdon Road Sunday 13th December
Adelaide Road Wednesday 9th Dec
Ainsdale Close Sunday 20th December
Albany Road Wednesday 16th December
Aldersgate Road Friday 11th December
Aldershot Close Tuesday 15th December
Anson Close Wednesday 16th December
Ashley Drive Sunday 6th December
Ashness Drive Thursday 17th December
Ashton Close Tuesday 15th December
Athol Road Friday 18th December
Avro Crescent Tuesday 15th December
Barley Drive Saturday 12th December
Basle Close Sunday 13th December
Bath Crescent Tuesday 8th December
Beechfield Road Monday 7th December
Belmont Road Wednesday 9th Dec
Belstone Close Monday 14th December
Berne Close Sunday 13th December
Birchway Monday 7th December
Birkdale Close Sunday 20th December
Blenheim Road Thursday 10th December
Blythe Avenue Sunday 6th December
Bodmin Drive Saturday 19th December
Bolton Avenue Tuesday 8th December
Boston Close Saturday 12th December
Bowen Close Wednesday 16th December
Brabant Road Thursday 10th December
Bramley Close Wednesday 9th Dec
Bramley Drive Wednesday 9th Dec
Bramley Road Wednesday 9th Dec
Brampton Road Sunday 13th December
Bramway Monday 7th December
Brent Moor Road Monday 14th December
Bridle Road Tuesday 15th December
Bridle Way Tuesday 15th December
Brisbane Close Wednesday 9th Dec
Brixham Walk Saturday 19th December
Broadoak Road (part) Sunday 13th December
Brookdale Rise Sunday 13th December
Brookdale Road Thursday 17th December
Buckfast Close Tuesday 8th December
Bude Close Saturday 19th December
Burford Avenue Friday 18th December
Byland Avenue Tuesday 8th December
Camberley Close Sunday 20th December
Capton Close Monday 14th December
Carlton Avenue Friday 18th December
Carmenna Drive Saturday 19th December
Carrwood Avenue Saturday 12th December
Central Drive Saturday 5th December
Chadwick Avenue (part) Tuesday 15th December
Chadwick Avenue (rest) Tuesday 15th December
Cherry Walk Monday 7th December
Chevin Gardens Sunday 20th December
Chinley Close Sunday 13th December
Chisworth Close Sunday 13th December
Chudleigh Close Monday 14th December
Churchston Road Monday 14th December
Cleeve Way Tuesday 8th December
Colwyn Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Colwyn Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Colwyn Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Commodore Close Tuesday 15th December
Convamore Road Saturday 12th December
Copperfield Road Friday 11th December
Cranbourne Avenue Thursday 10th December
Cromwell Road Saturday 12th December
Crossway Wednesday 16th December
Crowland Gardens Tuesday 8th December
Dairyground Road Saturday 19th December
Dale Avenue Thursday 17th December
Dalston Drive Friday 11th December
Dane Close Saturday 5th December
Dartington Close Monday 14th December
Darwin Grove Wednesday 9th Dec
Dawlish Close Saturday 19th December
Delfur Road (part) Saturday 19th December
Delfur Road (part) Saturday 19th December
Deneway Monday 7th December
Derwent Drive Friday 18th December
Dickens Close Friday 11th December
Duncombe Close Monday 14th December
Earle Road Sunday 13th December
Easby Close Tuesday 8th December
Elmsway Monday 7th December
Elswick Avenue Saturday 12th December
Eskdale Avenue Friday 11th December
Fairey Drive Tuesday 15th December
Fairhaven Close Sunday 20th December
Field Close Friday 18th December
Fieldside Close Friday 18th December
Fir Avenue Thursday 17th December
Fir Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Fir Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Fir Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Forbes Park Saturday 12th December
Fords Lane Saturday 12th December
Fountains Road (part) Sunday 6th December
Fountains Road (part) Sunday 6th December
Foxbench Close Friday 11th December
Fulmar Road Tuesday 15th December
Furness Road Sunday 6th December
Gawsworth Close Wednesday 9th Dec
Geneva Road Sunday 13th December
Glandon Drive (most) Monday 7th December
Glastonbury Avenue Sunday 6th December
Glenbourne Park Friday 18th December
Glendene Avenue Friday 18th December
Glendene Road Saturday 12th December
Gleneagles Close Sunday 20th December
Grange Road Monday 14th December
Grange Road (rest) Monday 14th December
Grasmere Crescent Saturday 12th December
Handley Road Sunday 13th December
Hardy Drive Saturday 12th December
Harlyn Avenue Saturday 19th December
Hastings Close Thursday 10th December
Hawker Road Tuesday 15th December
Hawthorn Grove (if time allows) Sunday 6th December
Heaton Avenue Saturday 5th December
Helston Close Saturday 19th December
High Elms Friday 11th December
Highfield Parkway Friday 18th December
Highfield Road Monday 14th December
Hillbrook Road Saturday 12th December
Hillbury Road Sunday 13th December
Hillcrest Road (part) Sunday 13th December
Hillside Close Sunday 20th December
Hilton Drive Sunday 13th December
Hobart Close Wednesday 16th December
Holbeton Close Monday 14th December
Holland Road Saturday 12th December
Holly Grange Monday 14th December
Holly Road Friday 18th December
Hollythorn Avenue Monday 7th December
Hurst Avenue Friday 11th December
Hursthead Road Sunday 6th December
Huxley Close Saturday 12th December
Huxley Drive Saturday 12th December
Kendal Drive Friday 11th December
Kenwood Avenue Friday 18th December
Keswick Drive Friday 11th December
Kings Close Sunday 13th December
Kingsway (part) Sunday 13th December
Kitts Moss Lane Saturday 12th December
Ladybarn Crescent Sunday 20th December
Ladythorn Crescent Sunday 20th December
Ladythorn Grove Sunday 20th December
Ladythorn Road Sunday 20th December
Lancastrian Way (part) Tuesday 15th December
Lancastrian Way (rest) Tuesday 15th December
Langdale Road Friday 11th December
Launceston Close Saturday 19th December
Lausanne Road Sunday 13th December
Lawton Avenue Thursday 17th December
Lees Road Friday 18th December
Lincoln Close Tuesday 15th December
Linden Grove Friday 18th December
Linney Road Saturday 5th December
Liskeard Drive Saturday 19th December
Longmeadow Sunday 6th December
Lucerne Road Sunday 13th December
Lugano Road Sunday 13th December
Lumb Lane Wednesday 9th Dec
Lyncombe Close Tuesday 8th December
Lytham Drive Sunday 20th December
Malmesbury Road Tuesday 8th December
Manley Close Wednesday 9th Dec
Maple Road Wednesday 9th Dec
Marlborough Avenue (most) Thursday 10th December
Marlborough Road (rest) Thursday 10th December
Mayfield Road Wednesday 16th December
Meadowside Saturday 5th December
Meadway (part) Wednesday 16th December
Meadway (rest) Wednesday 16th December
Melbourne Road Wednesday 9th Dec
Midland Road (part) Sunday 13th December
Midland Way Sunday 13th December
Midway Friday 11th December
Milverton Drive Friday 11th December
Moelfre Drive Monday 7th December
Monmouth Road Thursday 10th December
Moreton Avenue Wednesday 9th Dec
Moss Bank Friday 11th December
Moss Lane (part) Friday 11th December
Mountfield Road Wednesday 16th December
Musbury Avenue Thursday 10th December
Nevill Road (part) Sunday 13th December
Newhaven Close Thursday 10th December
Newlands Avenue Thursday 17th December
Newquay Drive Saturday 19th December
Nimrod Grove Tuesday 15th December
North Park Road Saturday 5th December
North Park Road Sunday 13th December
Northcote Road Saturday 19th December
Norwood Avenue Friday 18th December
Oak Drive Sunday 6th December
Oakfield Close Wednesday 16th December
Ogden Road Friday 18th December
Padstow Drive Saturday 19th December
Park Avenue Friday 18th December
Parkside Walk Sunday 13th December
Patch Lane (part) Friday 18th December
Patch Lane (rest) Friday 18th December
Penhale Mews Saturday 19th December
Pilot Close Tuesday 15th December
Pine Road Thursday 17th December
Pleasant Way Friday 11th December
Plymouth Drive Saturday 19th December
Pownall Avenue Sunday 20th December
Queensgate Wednesday 16th December
Ramilles Avenue Thursday 10th December
Ramsdale Road (part) Saturday 12th December
Redford Drive Monday 14th December
Resent Close Friday 18th December
Reveton Green Monday 14th December
Ridge Park Saturday 12th December
Ridgmont Road (part) Wednesday 16th December
Ringmore Road Monday 14th December
Ringway Avenue Tuesday 15th December
Robins Close Saturday 12th December
Robins Lane Saturday 12th December
Roche Gardens Tuesday 8th December
Romsey Drive Sunday 6th December
Roseway Sunday 13th December
Rossall Drive Sunday 20th December
Roundway Saturday 12th December
Rowan Drive (part) Monday 7th December
Rushton Drive (if passable) Saturday 5th December
Sandiway Sunday 13th December
Sawley Drive Sunday 6th December
Seal Road Sunday 20th December
Seal Road (part) Thursday 17th December
Selby Gardens Sunday 6th December
Selwyn Drive Monday 7th December
Severn Drive Sunday 6th December
Shackleton Avenue Tuesday 15th December
Sherbourne Close Tuesday 8th December
Shrewsbury Gardens Sunday 6th December
South Parade Sunday 13th December
Southern Crescent Sunday 13th December
St. Michael’s Avenue Saturday 12th December
Staveton Close Monday 14th December
Staveton Close Monday 14th December
Sunningdale Drive Sunday 20th December
Syddal Close Friday 18th December
Syddal Crescent Friday 18th December
Syddal Green Friday 18th December
Syddall Road Friday 18th December
Sydney Road Wednesday 16th December
Tenement Lane Saturday 5th December
Thorley Mews Saturday 19th December
Thorn Road Friday 18th December
Thornbury Close Thursday 10th December
Thornway Monday 7th December
Tintern Road Tuesday 8th December
Tollard Close Tuesday 8th December
Totnes Avenue (part) Monday 14th December
Troon Close Sunday 20th December
Truro Close Saturday 19th December
Valley Road Thursday 17th December
Venlo Gardens Thursday 10th December
Vicarage Avenue Sunday 6th December
Victoria Way Saturday 12th December
Vulcan Close Tuesday 15th December
Vulcan Grove Tuesday 15th December
Waltham Drive Tuesday 8th December
Warton Close Sunday 20th December
Waterloo Road Thursday 17th December
Waverley Drive Tuesday 8th December
Wentworth Drive Sunday 20th December
West Park Road Saturday 5th December
Westby Close Sunday 20th December
Westminster Drive Tuesday 8th December
Whitehaven Road Friday 11th December
Willow Way Monday 7th December
Woodend Saturday 5th December
Woodfield Road Sunday 6th December
Wyndham Close Saturday 19th December
Yeardsley Close Sunday 13th December
Yew Tree Park Road Sunday 6th December
Yew Tree Park Road (part) Tuesday 8th December
York Gardens Tuesday 15th December
Zurich Gardens Sunday 13th December


5 December, 2020
20 December, 2020


Cheadle Hulme
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