Churchfields Playground – Weybridge

Churchfields park is just off of Weybridge High Street so only a short walk to grab a coffee from the numerous coffee shops, and enjoy this whilst the children play. Unfortunately there isn’t free car parking but there is a car park directly next to the park so you just walk straight through.

The Churchfields playground itself is fenced off which is ideal for the smaller children and there are plenty of benches where you can sit and watch them play. The playground seems to be in sections and certain things appeal to different age groups.

For the older children there is a zip wire and a wonky swinging log. They also have a very large climbing apparatus, which has a climbing wall to gain access to it. There are various walk ways for them to climb over and different cargo bridges to climb up and over. Isabella was too little for this, but I can see it appealing to the older more adventurous of children.

In the centre of the playground there is another climbing structure (yes another one, there is certainly a lot in this park to explore) This one had an impressive tunnel slide which Isabella was very excited about, on the other side was a smaller slide which they could enjoy too. Again it had various cargo ladders to climb up and bridges to walk across. I thought Isabella would be a tad too small for this but she loved exploring it too.

For the toddlers / smaller children there is a pirate themed climbing structure, which has a little slide, a cargo net bridge for them to walk over and hoppers to spring back and forth on. Isabella loved sitting in the pirate ship and pretending to set sail (although when I asked where we were sailing to she did say Sainsburys!)

There is also a giant sandpit in the centre of the park, this is great as it’s sunken into the ground so ideal for the children to sit and play in. Just remember to pack those all important bucket and spades. Although the weather wasn’t great we spent ages playing here and making sand castles.

Towards the far end (nearest to the paddling pool) there were a selection of children swings, and also in the floor trampolines – Isabella loved jumping on these. There was also some balancing beams and agility poles for the children to explore, aswell as musical interactive equipment also.

For the older children there is also a skatepark situated right next to the playground too. Weybridge skatepark is a small and simple park, It is made up of metal ramps on a tarmac base and is the best skatepark in Weybridge.

There is also a great paddling pool here too, perfect way to cool off when the sunny weather makes an appearance. (At the time of this article the opening times are Saturday 20th July to Sunday 1st September 2024, and the opening times are 1pm to 5pm as the pool takes 5 hours to fill)

This playground would be perfect to spend the day at, there is something for all ages, and if the weather was nice and dry you could enjoy the paddling pool, make sandcastles, have a kick around with a football, and also grab a bite to eat from the parade of shops.

If you have a little ones in the area, you might want to check out my guide to baby & toddler groups and classes in Weybridge.


Business Name: Churchfields Playground

Address: Churchfields Avenue, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9Y

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