Christmas Treats For Football Mad Kids

Shopping For Your Little One This December

 Need help finding the perfect present? You won’t be scoring any own goals with these football-themed gifts.

Is your child football mad? Then count yourself lucky, because you already have some idea of what to get them for Christmas! There are so many great gifts for footy loving little ones, from soccer lessons to their very own kit. In need of some inspiration? Then take a look at our list of present ideas.

football christmas gifts

Football lessons

If your child has a real passion for the beautiful game, then why not sign them up to a local indoor football class? SoccerDays are one of the leading providers of fun, educational kids football classes. Children are taught in age groups, so they will always be learning with their peers and by taking part in activities that are suitable for them. As the classes are indoor, your child can get started right away!

A football kit

If you want to give your child a present they’ll love, then why not treat them to a football kit? Whether you just stick to a shirt or opt for the whole package, being able to wear their team’s colours will really make their Christmas. They’ll be able to wear their new kit to their football class too, so they will get plenty of wear out of it. It’ll be a gift that they will remember forever, as getting your first football shirt is a big milestone for any fan.

football christmas gifts

The perfect ball

Is your child getting serious about soccer? Well, then they’re going to need a decent ball to play with! You can easily find all kinds of official balls, from the ones used in the Premier League this season to the balls played with in the Champion’s League. With a range of softness and sizes available, it’s worth taking your time to shop around. Oh, and don’t forget one vital thing – a football pump!

Matchday tickets

If your child is itching to see their favourite team in the flesh, then some tickets to a game would be the perfect gift. Premier League games can be pricey, but the atmosphere at a match is unforgettable. If you really are watching the pennies, then consider on securing tickets to a women’s or under-21’s match. These are often cheaper than first team tickets, but your child will still get to experience some great live football.

Some garden essentials

If you are lucky enough to have some child-friendly outdoor space, then why not kit out your garden for a Christmas morning surprise? A goal will allow your child to practise their penalty taking or goalkeeping skills, and there are lots of fun football games using cones and targets that you can enjoy together. Just be prepared for one thing – they’ll want to get out there and play, no matter the weather. At least you’re indoors during a SoccerDays class!

A winning Christmas awaits!

Whether you treat your child to everything that we have suggested or just pick one or two special gifts, they are sure to have the best Christmas ever. It’s not long at all until the big day though, so we would start getting organised now if we were you!


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