BeWILDerwood, Cheshire


BeWILDerwood, in Cheshire, is a treehouse adventure like no other.  You are taken into a wonderful forest, surrounded by treehouses, wobbly wires, slippery slopes, treetop canopies, and wooden play structures. It is a brilliant fun day out suitable for all the family.

Plan your day at BeWILDerwood, Cheshire

plan your day

BeWILDerwood, Cheshire has lots of themed areas throughout the forest so we decided to start at the top of the attraction and work our way down through the forest. And it was a good job we did as we found that areas towards the entrance seemed to get busy quickly throughout the day.

Whizz down the wobbly wires at BeWILDerwood

This area is made up of 4 zip wires and has BeWILDerwood employees on hand to help get children (and adults) on and off the zip wires safely. What was great about this area is there is a small zip wire for smaller children aged 5 and under.  We had a number of different aged children in our party so it meant even the younger ones could have lots of fun!

Visit the two mazes at BeWILDerwood

zip wire for younger children

Who doesn’t love a good maze…except when your children are leading the way! There are two mazes in the forest, the Mish Mash Maze and the Sky Maze.  The sky maze is very high up, whereas the Mish Mash maze is lower. Both were great fun, climbing up steps, across bridges, following the twists and turns, and reaching lots of dead ends! Watch out for the signs though on which way to go – we didn’t know whether to believe them or not. Also on the Sky Maze there are four different coloured leaves to find so make sure you don’t miss them. We got out of both mazes in the end though, with the Sky Maze taking slightly longer but both challenged us that’s for sure!

Whoooosh down the slippery slopes at BeWILDerwood

slippery slopes

This was the area we spent most of our time in because the children loved climbing up the wooden play structures and down the slippery slides. Adults are allowed to go down the slides to accompany children, or on their own…we saw a few Grandparents having a cheeky go without kids, and why not! To go down the slides you have to collect a sack for your feet from the bottom, but they are really light to carry up to the top (little ones might need help though). I think our children went up and down each of the slides independently over 10 times if not more!

Teeny Twiggles Play in Togglewood on the hill


play area younger children

There are plenty of areas for younger children aged 5 and under with smaller play structures and slides. It’s really easy for them to walk across the low canopies and run around and down the slides without supervision.  The good thing is the whole forest covered with wood chippings so it’s good if little ones fall over as they won’t hurt themselves…they might get a bit muddy though!

Brave the broken bridge and Telescope Tower

Both these attractions consist of a number of wooden canopies and bridges, again there are lots of steps to climb up and down and these can be steep in parts so younger children will need adult supervision. The Telescope Tower has great views when you reach the top across the whole forest so it’s good to get to the top and then plan where to head to next!

Storytelling at BeWILDerwood

story telling

Make sure you pay a visit to the storytelling stage located in the top corner of the forest. There are usually two stories a day so make sure you check the times at the entrance. We listened to a wonderful story about the magical characters of BeWILDerwood called the Boggles and the Twiggles. We also saw some special characters but we won’t spoil the surprise.  This is a really interactive storytelling session too, where everyone is actively encouraged to do actions, shout things out, and there’s even a bit of magic thrown in along the way. You are also allowed to eat while listening to the stories so it’s great to plan around lunchtime or snack times.  Plus it’s an open stage area so children are free to run around.  Each story lasts about 15-20 minutes.  It’s certainly well worth a visit.

Make crafts at the Big Hat at BeWILDerwood

Situated inside the Big Hat tent there is an area to make crafts such as crowns.  Children sit at a small table and are given all the crafts they need, free of charge. Parents must help with these activities and stay with their children at all times.  Craft time is available between 11am and 4pm, we found the queue very long so I would recommend visiting this as soon as it opens to avoid the queues.

Den building at BeWILDerwood

den building

There is a great open den building area quite near to the entrance to the park.  Packed full of logs, sticks, and greenery it’s perfect for little ones to use their imagination and design the den of their dreams…maybe with a little bit of help from the adults too!! And let’s just say for those Mums and Dads who are a bit competitive it’s certainly a race as to who can build the biggest den!! We even had an imaginary campfire in our den!

Food and drink at BeWILDerwood

food and drink

There is plenty of food and drink available throughout the forest. The main eating areas are the Munch Bar and the Cosy Cabin. Both sell a selection of sandwiches, hot dogs, snacks, ice cream, and hot and cold drinks.  There are also plenty of seating areas nearby to sit down and enjoy your food.  Both can be busy around peak times so definitely make sure you take some snacks with you in case you have to wait around. Toilets are also located next to these areas and easily accessible.

Plenty of picnic areas at BeWILDerwood

picnic area

There are plenty of picnic areas with wooden picnic benches dotted around the forest not far from each of the themed areas.  We also saw people sitting down on picnic blankets too as there is lots of open space.  There are lots of bins too to put your rubbish in so you don’t have to take it home!

Pushchairs and picnic trolleys

Pushchairs are allowed throughout the forest and in some themed areas such as the Sky Maze there are pushchair parks to safely leave your pushchair while you climb the wooden play structures. We also saw lots of people pushing picnic trollies too, just be mindful that most of the forest floor is made up of wood chipping so although I’m sure these are easy to pull around on wet days it might be a bit trickier!

Top tips for a day out at BiWILDerwood, Cheshire

  • Plan your day – start at the top of the forest with the Mish Mash Maze and work your way down.
  • Wear suitable clothing that you are prepared to get dirty with good footwear such as trainers or pumps.  Maybe even take a change of clothes on a wet day. Top tip – leggings and jogging bottoms make you go faster on the slides!
  • Dress your children in bright clothes – it helps you spot them on the high canopies!
  • Take some bug spray with you – it’s a forest there are lots of bugs…that’s be prepared you don’t want to get bitten!
  • Do the craft activities as soon as they open at 11 am as in the afternoon queues can be over 30 minutes.
  • Take plenty of drinks and snacks as at peak times the food outlets can be extremely busy with long queues.

Collect the six characters hidden around the park and uncover the clues

collect the clues for a prize

You are given a sheet at the start of your adventure to find the six characters hidden around the park and discover what the Boggles’ and Twiggles’ favourite thing is? Uncover the clues and you receive a special treat at the end of your adventure at the exit!

Pricing, Parking, and Opening times at BeWILDerwood

Parking is free of charge, and prices are based on height. Born to be wild (under 92cm) are free (but they do check your little one at the entrance). Almost Wild (92-105cm) are £17.50 and be Wild (over 105cm) are £19.50, and 65+years are £12.50.

Opening times vary throughout the year so check the website for details.

Highly recommend a day out at BeWILDerwood

If you are looking for a fun-filled, action-packed day out with lots of climbing and running around this is definitely the place to visit. I would say it’s more aimed towards families with children between 2-15 years old and you can easily spend half a day or a full day playing throughout the forest. Let’s just say both our children were asleep as soon as we left the car park which is always the sign of a great day out!!


Business Name: BeWilderwood, Cheshire

Address: Bickley Moss, Whitchurch, Cheshire, SY13 4JF

Opening Times:

10am - 5pm but check the website for seasonal changes.


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