Best sites for ex-pats to acquire real estate in Thailand in 2023

This guide is on how to buy real estate in Thailand in 2023 it is targeted at ex-pats who may not know the trending areas and is aimed at providing you with seasoned information on the topic.

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New construction projects straight from developer in 2023

There are some new projects up for grabs in Thailand in 2023, with many potentially lucrative deals that you can look into either as an investor or as an intending homeowner. These new construction units cut across various types of property types, including:

  1. Beach houses are classical bungalows, or story buildings often built high to allow a beautiful ocean view. Many of these classes of properties have direct beach access, leading to the white-washed oceans of Thailand and, sometimes, access to the vast Atlantic Ocean; other times, they may only have a remote view, but worth the price either way.
  2. City Bungalows and standalone fenced houses: these may be built as a duplex or as three-five bedrooms apartments in any of the country’s busy city areas. The advantage of this category of homes is their individuality, which gives owners privacy to raise a family and ample opportunity to familiarise and mingle with neighbors.
  3. Condos: Condominiums are the most popular property unit types in Thailand. They sell out well under a month after listings. Its fast-moving market rate is facilitated by demand for this kind of property. For example, many visitors and vacationists want this kind of property for their short stay in the country, so it rents out fast. At the same time, Thais, singles, and many people want this type of unit for its affordability, simplicity, and ease of management. So, both foreigners and citizens are after this kind of property. As a frequent visitor to Thailand and an intending investor, checking out this category of property can significantly improve your business model.
  4. Villas and Mini Palaces: These are the category of property famous among celebrities and wealthy people. They may have up to 7 bedrooms, many condiments, and attachments, and often more appurtenances than any simple family wants. But as earlier established, it is designed for the wealthy. Celebrities and movie stars favor this kind of property for its length, class, swimming facilities, and a host of other benefits.

 Importance of buying from developers

There is much importance in buying from developers, some of which will now be summarized below:

Buying from developers allows you to snatch the property in its most mundane stage before the value of the area increases, affecting the property. At the developer stage, everyone is still uncertain how the area will do economically, so it is a property’s most vulnerable state.
Vulnerability, as flowing from above, also means affordability. The developer-level purchase is the cheapest you can get a property, and investors know this.
It is a form of gambling because, naturally, some areas will fare better than others in the real estate business, which also affects the property’s cost. But knowing Thailand and understanding what kind of property flourishes in some areas will help you multiply gains.
Buying property from developers also allows you to choose the structure of property you may like and select only those that tally with your needs from the developing stages.
Developer-purchaser direct relationship cuts costs and helps you by cutting agency fees and other expenditures.
This kind of arrangement has a more flexible payment. It allows you to pay at your comfort zone compared to already completed houses put into the market by a private seller who will likely want beyond 20% investment.
Developer’s package may take three to five years to complete, but when analyzed carefully, you will see that you get the property at the original value of the day you enter the agreement. In five or ten years (for example), upon the completion of the project, properties in that area may be worth two times in value, but you would have purchased it at a cheaper rate. If you proceeded to sell immediately, you would have made at least 5-10% profits.

Check out the newest construction projects in Thailand in 2023.

Most profitable new developers projects in Thailand to look into

Some of Thailand’s most profitable and potentially lucrative development projects include Pattaya Medical City, which aims at creating a technologically inclined city development including first-rate medical facilities and modern residential properties. This project is estimated to cost over $250 million and has a completion projection of about 2 years – from 2022 to 2024. You can also place your money in the Ramintra Medical Complex, which needs about twenty-six million dollars to complete. These projects are a definite sell-out because medical facilitators, doctors, and clinics will be sited in these complexes, and those are definite customer communities which is great for business.

Also worthy of mention is the Charan-Faichai Condo Tower located in Lumpini Ville. This is splendid news for condo investors and lovers. The tower is expected to be completed in 2025 with about 1500 condo units, to be completed by about $96 million. You can also check the Condotown Ekachai in Lumpini, which consists of about 48 units of condos to be completed in 2025 with about twenty-six million dollars. These are splendid projects to put your money into, dear investors!

Lastly, you can also find off-plan projects in Phuket and Pattaya, including condos available for sale/rent/long leases, etc. These off-plan projects render property homeowners, investors, and even agents a great investment opportunity. Ensure that you peruse the property plan and that your developer is a trusted name in the industry.



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