Baby Massage with Busylizzy, Caversham

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A calm, relaxing and hugely beneficial class for you and your baby from Busylizzy. Each week we focus on a different area of the body as you learn a basic massage routine that you can safely and effectively practice in the comfort of your own home. Baby Massage has a range of health benefits.

Mums learn the basics of baby massage routines which they can then develop and practice at home. Each week we concentrate on a different area of the body whilst re-capping over other elements so mums learn a variety of routines. This class is appropriate for all little ones from 6 weeks of age up to crawling.

Classes run 51 weeks of the year.

We offer 13 pregnancy fitness, postnatal fitness and baby classes a week. Our memberships cover all classes on the timetable – so you simply pick and choose which classes you attend each week!

Check out our website for details of our full timetable of classes –

Classes take place at David Lloyd (Thames Valley Park), and in Woodley, Earley and Caversham.

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Business Name: Buslizz Reading

Address: Reading Canoe Club, Caversham, RG4 7TH

Opening Times:

11.00-11.40am and 11.50am-12.30pm on Mondays


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