7 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind on Leap Day

A hectic lifestyle leaves many people craving an extra hour in bed at the end of a busy week. But could you imagine the things you could achieve with an entire 24 hours extra? Well folks, that will be the case on 29th February, as the Gregorian calendar plays catch up.

When 29th February falls during the week, it generally passes unnoticed. People continue the daily hustle and bustle, ensuring all emails are answered, clients are dealt with, and generally ignore the fact that our quarter day has rounded up to an entire day.

In 2020, however, we are in the privileged position of the extra day falling on a weekend, giving people the chance to properly unwind. Superstitions around leap days have suggestions of luckiness or unluckiness, depending on religious and spiritual beliefs, with experts claiming it is the ideal time to cleanse your soul and reset your mind for a busy year ahead.

In a break from tradition, leap years in the United Kingdom are known for women taking the opportunity to propose to their boyfriends.

So, if you could do anything, how would you spend your extra day? The thought of a marriage proposal isn’t for everyone, so we’ve taken a look at some of the best ways to reinvigorate your soul on 29th February.

Get your head in a book

The world has become so reliant on mobile phones and instant access to social media. Switch off your devices and take a 24-hour break from Instagram and Twitter. Let friends and family know you are having a me-day and find a book that you can drift away with.

Recapturing the essence of our imaginations can do wonders for the mind. Allowing yourself to get caught up in a crime novel or an action thriller can be just the escape you need from your everyday troubles. The problem may be that, when Sunday comes, you may not be able to put the book down again!

Be active

Get off the sofa and do an activity. Go for a long walk, take in a 5km park run or take your mountain bike out for a spin! Going for a walk improves self-perception and self-esteem, while also reducing stress and anxiety. One of the best ways to rejuvenate your soul is to take in some fresh air, leave your worries at the door, and stride your way to a better mindset for the next week. Just be sure to take a windproof umbrella with you – if stereotypical British weather is anything to go by!

You could even sign up for an experience day — jump into a supercar driving day, head off to a cooking masterclass, or get high in the sky with a hot air balloon tour of your local area.

Retreat to the spa

If you are looking for a tried and tested method to restore your mental health, a day at a local spa could be just the trick. Look out for deals for the end of February and relax your troubles away.

Pamper yourself at the spa with a couple of treatments and a massage to give yourself a long-overdue retreat. A mix of soothing tunes and dim-lit candles make for a perfect Saturday afternoon getaway.

Enjoy some retail therapy

Grab your pals and put your stresses at bay with some retail therapy. Making time for friends and family can sometimes be difficult when you find yourself in stressful times. Take advantage of the extra day by buying that dress you’ve been looking at.

Turn that quick one-hour search of fashion websites into a full day. Indulge in a nice coffee and bite to eat as you dash between shops in search for the latest bargains on the high street.

Go to a sports event

Head down to your local sports club and let off some steam. Getting involved in community activities can be a great way to put the working week behind you. The sense of camaraderie that builds from supporting a sports team, whether it is your local football, tennis, or archery club can certainly help you to unwind.

Call that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with

While it can be great to take yourself away from people, catching up with people you haven’t spoken to in months is also a great way to spend your day. Get the latest gossip and spend hours chin-wagging with some of your closest allies.

Planning a trip to finally meet up with these friends could really get the good vibes flowing and build some excitement and anticipation for the summer months ahead.

Do nothing

Sometimes the best way to reset your inner self is just to do nothing at all. In Italy, people are actively discouraged from planning events on 29th February, with the translated reason apparently being because women are erratic.

Whether you want to hang with your gal pals or not, maybe reaching for the remote and binge-watching your favourite series is the best way to destress at the end of this month.

Are you guilty of complaining about a lack of time? What activity have you fancied doing, but never seem to find time to do? However you spend 29th February, make sure to do something for you and reset your mental clock ready for the beginning of March.


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